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Contact Lens Services
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Today's modern advances in contact lens design and technology allow most individuals to wear contact lenses successfully. As a result, there are many contact lens choices available. The factors to consider when selecting the type of lens that is appropriate for you are the health and shape of your eye, the type of correction you require, your previous contact lens experience, your tear production and your lifestyle. Our experienced staff looks forward to helping you achieve a healthy and successfully contact lens fit!
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Swanson Eyecare, PC Swanson Eyecare, PC Swanson Eyecare, PC
Evaluation and Fitting
A contact lens exam is different than an eye exam for glasses and requires a longer appointment visit. In order to properly fit your eye with lenses that provide adequate vision and oxygen, other measurements are required. We use sophisticated computerized corneal topography to precisely measure the surface of your eye. This allows the doctor to select the best lens for you. Once you have been fit with lenses, the doctor may recommend a series of follow-up visits in order to monitor your progress or to make any necessary adjustments in the design, power, material, and/or fit.

When scheduling your eye exam, please notify our staff if you are interested in contact lenses to ensure adequate time for your appointment.
Contact Lens Lesson & Instruction
If you are a new lens wearer, our optometric assistants will instruct you in proper techniques for inserting/removing lenses as well as how to safely and properly take care of your lenses. If you need additional instruction or assistance, please contact our office or click on one of the training videos below.
Ordering Contact Lenses
Our office offers several options when ordering contact lens replacements. Lenses may be ordered by phone or in person during normal business hours. In most cases we are able to directly ship lenses to your home (from the manufacturer) at little or no cost. Shipping is FREE when purchasing an annual supply of disposable lenses. Overnight delivery is available in many cases for an additional fee. We can fill your contact lens prescription from another office or doctor as long as it has not expired.
Contact Lens Videos
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Printable Information Sheets:
Soft Contact Lens Care Tips
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Rigid/Hard Contact Lens Care Tips
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Contact Lens Make-up Tips
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Corneal Reshaping/Orthokeratology Information Sheet
Swanson Eyecare Sunglass Guide Above Documents in PDF Format
Other Information Resources:
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Contact Lens Types:
Hard Contact Lenses
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Hard contact lenses are made of Plexiglas (Polymethylmethacrylate). Since they are 100 percent plastic, they may cause the cornea to swell due to a lack of oxygen.  For this reason, hard contact lenses are rarely fit today.
Oxygen/Gas Permeable Lenses
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Oxygen/gas permeable lenses, sometimes referred to as semi-hard or semi-soft lenses, are made of special plastics and polymers.  They resemble hard contact lenses, but are more pliable and allow the cornea to breathe.  These lenses are available in most prescriptions.
Custom WAVE Contact Lenses
Swanson Eyecare, PC
No two fingerprints are identical and the same is true for your cornea (the clear part of your eye that a contact lens sits on).  Your cornea has hundreds of surface variations and contours that define its own unique shape.  Wave Contact Lenses are custom designed to mirror the unique shape of your cornea. 

A computerized corneal topographer is used to map out over 10,000 data points across your cornea.  Dr. Swanson then uses the map data and special software to custom design a lens that closely follows every shape on the surface of your cornea.  Unlike traditional soft and hard lenses that only have one back surface curvature, Wave Lenses may have hundreds of curves.  In fact, in the width of a hair, there may be as many as 10 different curves on the back of the lens.  With such a customized shape, Wave lenses offer unrivalled comfort and sharper optics.  Many previously unsuccessful contact lens wearers are successful Wave lens wearers.

WAVE lenses are available for correcting near or distance vision, astigmatism, presbyopia (bifocal correction), keratoconus, corneal reshaping therapy, and post surgical corrections.  Our office is one of only four offices in Michigan that provide Wave lenses and Dr. Swanson is the only Certified Wave Lens designer in Michigan.
Soft Contact Lenses
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Traditional soft contact lenses are made of soft plastic polymers and water.  They allow oxygen to permeate through the lens material to the cornea and are generally very comfortable.  These lenses are available in most prescriptions, including astigmatism, tinted, disposable, and bifocal lenses. 
Disposable Contact Lenses
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Disposable contact lenses are soft lenses designed to be discarded on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  By replacing lenses on a regular basis, long-term protein deposits (which can affect vision, comfort, and the health of the eyes) do not build up.  They are convenient and require less maintenance than traditional soft lenses.  Disposable lenses are available in most prescriptions.
Tinted Soft Contact Lenses
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Tinted soft contact lenses enable most patients to change the color of their iris (the colored portion of their eye). These lenses are available in many exciting colors and can provide a subtle or dramatic change in the appearance of your eyes.   Ask our staff for a demonstration of colors.
Astigmatic/Toric Contact Lenses
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Lenses for astigmatism are available in both soft and gas permeable types.  These lenses have one power vertically and another horizontally and are weighted at the bottom, allowing the lenses to center correctly on the eye.  Astigmatic lenses are more difficult to fit and generally require more time from the patient and doctor for fitting and adaptation.
Bifocal Contact Lenses
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Bifocal contact lenses, similar to bifocal glasses have more than one power to allow an individual to have clear vision, near and far. Another alternative to bifocal contacts is monovision correction.  With these lenses, one eye is used for distance and the other eye for near.  Both of these lens types require more time from the doctor and patient for fitting and adaptation.
Extended Wear Contact Lenses
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Extended wear contact lenses are gas-permeable, or soft lenses, which are worn continuously for up to 30 days.  Sleeping in contact lenses results in a much higher risk of developing serious conditions such as infections, corneal ulcers, and abnormal blood vessel growth into the cornea.  Therefore more frequent follow-up is required.
Corneal Reshaping Lenses/Orthokeratology
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Corneal reshaping lenses are specially designed vision correction devices that gently reshape your cornea while sleeping.  After removal, patients experience clear vision for up to two days without wearing glasses or contact lenses. This procedure is also referred to as orthokeratology.  Visit our information link.
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses
Swanson Eyecare, PC
Contact lenses are available to meet the special needs of patients with corneal diseases like keratoconus or following corneal surgery.  Some patients may require corrective contact lenses after having LASIK, Radial Keratotomy (RK), a corneal injury or corneal transplant.  Dr. Swanson specializes in fitting medically necessary and/or hard to fit lenses.
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